OSRS Crafting Guide

Crafting is an essential skill in Old School RuneScape. There's no getting around the skill when you have to meet certain requirements, such as to craft a Slayer Helmet, you need 55 crafting - you can not buy the helmet. In addition, to complete all quests, you will need 70 crafting: a majority of quests need to be completed to unlock Vorkath, one of the best moneymakers. On top of that, to complete your elite diaries, you will need 85 crafting.

Aside from being a skill that's required around various areas of the game, crafting can also be a lucrative skill if you're just starting out, and can certainly help with making you some starting cash. This OSRS Crafting Guide will also explore the most profitable, but efficient ways of leveling, and alternatives which will lose you money but will be much faster - for those who already have other moneymakers in the game. All prices are accurate at the time of publication, you may wish to double-check curent Grand Exchange prices, however these items are in-demand.

OSRS Quests - Crafting XP

As a member, the best way to start boosting your crafting level is with quests. As previously mentioned, quests will be needed to unlock content such as Barrows Gloves, Ava's Accumulator and Vorkath. Hence, you may as well take the benefits from it while it still is actually helpful!

These quests will be extremely helpful in getting your crafting up from level 1, though you may not be able to do all of them: Sheep Shearer (150 xp), Goblin Diplomacy (200 xp), Tower of Life (500 xp), In Search of the Myreque (600 xp), Misthalin Mystery (600 xp), Dwarf Cannon (750 xp). However, Murder Mystery is highly recommended, providing 1406 XP, alongside Elemental Workshop I (5000 XP) and Elemental Workshop II (7500 XP). Do note the Elemental Workshop quests require level 20 crafting, so you should do them as soon as you hit level 20.

OSRS Crafting Guide - Profitable Methods - P2P

Level 1-5: between these levels, you should complete one of the quests above. Alternatively, buy 40 uncut opals and cut them with a chisel, though, you will likely lose money - some of your gems will turn into "uncrushed gems" which can not be sold.

Level 5-20 - gold rings: when training crafting between these levels, you need to buy a ring mould from the Grand Exchange. Buy precisely 273 gold bars - don't worry: if you can't afford them all outright, you can keep buying more bars as you go along.

Head to the Edgeville Furnace with your ring mould and gold bars, then proceed to create the gold rings. Gold rings will always be in demand because the gold bar prices are a constant 80-120 gp and rings can be sold for 245 at Grum's Gold Exchange by other players.

Approximate Profit: 15k. 15 xp per ring.

Tip: always run on the way back to the bank, with the rings in your inventory rather than bars, as your weight will be smaller.

Level 10+ onwards - 99: alternative

To make the most gold through crafting, the actual best way is through spinning flax and creating bowstring at Lumbridge. However, this gives very little experience at higher levels and is not as good as moneymakers present in other skills, so it would be wise to stop around level 40.

Cutting gems such as onyx and zenyte

Cutting gems may be more profitable at Onyx and Zenyte level however this requires a huge budget (30 million to 100 million per inventory) and people selling the uncut variants on the GE at profitable margins.

Level 20-40 - sapphire rings: You will need one gold bar and one sapphire per each ring + ring mould. Do this at Edgeville Furnance.

You will need to make 819 rings, so you need 819 gold bars and 819 sapphires. You can buy more throughout the process as needed.

Approximate Profit: 100k. 40 xp per ring.

Level 40-80 - ruby necklaces: This is the same procedure, you just need a necklace mound instead!

You will actually need to make 25,985 necklaces - one gold bar and one ruby for each one. If this seems like too much and you have another moneymaker, it may be advisable to spend time doing that instead.

Alternatively, you can make 24,257 ruby bracelets instead at 80xp per bracelet (starting at level 42), but you will only profit 800k compared to 1.3 million.

Approximate Profit: 1,300,000 (1.3 mil). 75 xp per ring.

Level 80-99 - Dragonstone amulet (u): You will need an amulet mound, a gold bar and a dragonstone which goes for around 13-14k each, so a fairly large budget is required. You can continue with ruby bracelets or ruby necklaces instead, if you'd like, but at around half of the exp.

73,656 amulets are required, meaning you need 73,656 gold bars and 73,656 dragonstones in total.

Approximate Profit: 11,000,000 (11 mil). 150 xp per ring.

OSRS Crafting Guide - Fast Methods - P2P

Leveling up through profitable methods ensures you don't lose anything, however if you have another moneymaker, it is highly recommended at around level 60+ to do some faster methods.

Level 1-20: cut opals. Buy around 350.

Level 20-63 - uncut sapphires: cut uncut sapphires using a chisel. This will cost you 2.5 million gp but it is around 125K XP per hour.

Level 63-71 - green d'hide bodies: with a needle, thread and 3 green dragon leathers, you need to make 2500 green d'hide bodies. This will cost 4 million gp but yield you around 300k XP hour.

Level 71-84 - blue d'hide bodies: at 350k XP per hour, you need to create 10,000 blue d'hide bodies, costing you 20 million GP.

Level 84-99 - black d'hide bodies: you will need to craft 39,000 black d'hide bodies. This will cost 105 million, so you may wish to combine other methods, but this does give you an insane rate of 430k XP per hour!

OSRS F2P Crafting Guide

We of course wish to cover F2P crafting in our guide! The best methods for crafting is actually following our moneymaking methods for P2P, however, instead of dragonstone amulets, continue with Ruby Necklaces for the most profit and best xp.


Thank you for reading our OSRS crafting guide. As noted, it is best to combine some of our moneymaking and profitable methods, especially at later levels, you may wish to invest the money made into gear and do some bossing to fund your crafting!