Do you want to play Runescape without having to think about grinding countless hours to obtain a trivial amount of Runescape gold? Have you ever thought about getting prayer, herblore, construction, fletching or any other buyable skill to 99 but simply can not afford to? Have you ever wanted to kill bosses using the best gear available at your level disregarding the cost completely? If you have been in these situations you know how frustrating it is to put aside your plans and grind for multiple hours just to get the gold required to play Runescape properly. This is where buying gold from reputable sellers can really help you eliminate most of the pointless gp grinding most players go through. For only a few dollars you can buy enough gold to satisfy your need for Runescape gold whenever you need it. Oh, and you can also get membership for 50% cheaper than if you were buying it from the Runescape website. But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let me first tell you how to buy Runescape gold safely from reliable sellers.

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The first step in buying RSGP safely is to decide who you are going to buy the gold from. There are literally 100's of legitimate gold sites on the web some cheaper than others, some more expensive. The most important thing to look for when finding a Runescape gold seller to buy your gold from is their reputation. You can easily find a gold shops reputation by viewing their vouches or reputation on relevant black-market forums like and We also have a list of the top five gold sellers on TopRSG. Any user with approximately over 100 vouches or positive reputation is considered trusted in my opinion. As always even trusted users do scam rarely so always be aware to what's happening during your trade.

The next step on your gold buying journey is choosing a trusted seller that has the lowest price. Luckily, there is already a tool that compares Runescape gold shop prices all over the web and aggregates them all into one simple page for you to view. This site is called RSGilded. You can view their Runescape gold seller directory to find the best prices on Runescape gold anywhere on the internet. RSgilded also writes reviews for certain gold sites giving you a better idea on the process of buying cold on certain sites.


After this you can simply visit the gold site and order your gold using either Paypal or cryptocurrency payments. This process is as simple as typing in how much gold you want to buy, your email/username and checking out with g2a pay. Once your payment goes through all you need to do is contact the site's live chat and they will direct you to the world and location where your gold will be delivered.

If your tired of paying over $11 USD per month for membership you could also try buying gold and transferring them into bonds to use for membership. Buying gold from sites and converting to bonds would only cost around $6.55 USD a month. That's almost 50% off base membership price per month!

So that's pretty much all you need to know when buying gold from a third-party seller. As always be sure to be alert when making online transactions as no transaction is 100% safe. Always do your own due diligence before buying from a specific gold site just to be safe.